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A complete home renovation service and an ad hoc contractor services are completely different in three major aspects. Process, Time and Expertise.

The process

Renovating a whole unit, whether it is commercial or residential, involves many different processes as compared to an ad hoc job. Renovation process comprises of a series of smaller job scopes combined into one big department which is normally handled by the main contractor or interior designer which is us, Titanz Interior. Depending on the scope of work, the process will mainly involve hacking, tiling, carpentry, electrical and plumbing works. 


Time frame between the two are also significantly different where renovation can take months to accomplish but ad hoc services can be completed in even one or two days. Examples of ad hoc services are like changing your sink, fixing fans and lights, house painting which are usually done by a contractor.



Ad hoc jobs are very straight forward as it is a small job which do not require many discussions or planning. Renovation, on the other hand is the complete opposite. It involves groups of people, processes and planning to achieve completion. We need to understand the client’s preferences in terms of concept, design, materials and colors. Having said that, to renovate the whole unit boils down to 3 main steps, discussion, planning, completion. 




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Interior designers Vs Contractors

There are two major differences between an interior designer and a contractor. Clients need to consider three major points which is cost, expertise and end product, before engaging the right person to handle your renovation project.

Cost (Winner – Contractor)

For this case, a contractor will be slightly cheaper than an I.D. The main reason is because the contractor is the one doing most of the work. 

Job scope (Winner – Interior Designer)

A contractor normally understands one job scope while an experienced I.D understands all scope pertaining to the renovation. Handling a complete renovation is not an easy task as it takes good project scheduling, excellent management skills and quality control to acquire the best results. You will need someone who has years of experience in the industry to avoid usage of poor quality materials, subpar workmanship and major delays. As an I.D has generally better knowledge on design and quality aspects compared to a contractor, your home will accomplish a more outstanding outcome.

Conclusion ( Winner – Subjective)

Who you choose depends on the scope of works for your home. If you are just doing small, minor changes or fixtures, it is better to call a direct contractor as he can finish the job. However, if you are looking to do a middle range to complete revamp of your house, it is better to choose an I.D because of the scheduling, design and end product. Although the cost will be slightly higher, you get everything managed by one company and personnel, less complication and better quality control and results.

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